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 Reflections on Back-to-School Apparel

We express ourselves in many different ways. Either words or other symbols are used. To communicate with others and make a statement, we employ signs, gestures, and dress. We almost seem to be announcing to the world our mood for the day when we put on our attire for the day. This is why it is so fascinating to see how people like to dress for return to school. In a nutshell, a person's back-to-school style preferences reveal his personality for the whole semester.

back to school clothes

There are individuals that essentially wear the same item they wore throughout the previous term. The unfortunate part about this is that it can be a sign of little to no recent personal development. This can be a sign that the individual hasn't grown up in the last year. If the person has been dressing in the same style for longer than five years, it may make the situation worse. That can be a sign of a major issue.

The positive interpretation of this may be that the individual has grown up enough to have discovered who they are in life. This style of back-to-school attire can suggest that the wearer is already content with how they come across and has no need to alter. It may also mean that the person had a successful previous year and wants to repeat it. 

There are some folks whose back-to-school attire has undergone significant alterations. There are positive and negative aspects to this as well. This can be interpreted well as the individual having had an epiphany. A shift in back-to-school attire may signal a person's increased maturity and readiness to approach life with a fresh perspective. He or she could be telling the world that they have changed for the better and are ready to take on the world.

This shift in back-to-school attire has a negative aspect as well. A person can have experienced a catastrophe that made it necessary for them to completely renounce their former selves. Back-to-school attire that has drastically changed may be compared to someone who is shouting, "I am not who I used to be." It will not happen to me anymore!" Not all changes are for the better or for the worse. That reality has to be acknowledged.

Some students base their back-to-school attire on what members of a certain group are wearing. This has the advantage of demonstrating social approval. When someone dresses in this way for return to school, it demonstrates their friendliness and ability to connect with at least a select set of individuals. This could, however, also point to a lack of initiative. People who dress in a manner similar to others may do so because they are really unsure about what to wear. Because they genuinely don't know who they are without their groupings, they let their groups decide on their clothing.

You now understand that back-to-school attire is a terrific reflection of who a person is.